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Dr. Mary Fitzpatrick

Dr. Mary Fitzpatrick

Dr. Mary Fitzpatrick focused on being a veterinarian since 8th grade, when she got an A in biology, a D in typing and an F in Girl’s Glee. Realizing she had a knack for the sciences and a houseful of animals and a mom that needed care and feeding, she dedicated herself to becoming a veterinarian. It didn’t hurt that her middle school crushes were the large animal vets who were her idols came out to help her widowed Navy mom at all hours of the day and night with the horses that were boarded at their home.

After graduating from Lakes High School in 1973, Dr. Fitzpatrick went to St. Martin’s College for her pre-veterinary studies double majoring in biology and chemistry. In 1975, WSU College of Veterinary Medicine admitted her at the tender age of 19. At WSU, Dr. Fitzpatrick developed a love for caring for companion animals. Graduating with a DVM in 1979 at 23 years old, Dr. Fitzpatrick embarked on an interesting journey of life provided by her career as a veterinarian.

Before purchasing Spanaway Veterinary Clinic in 1987, Dr. Fitzpatrick worked in a mixed animal practice in Bremerton and Puyallup, provided relief veterinary services at several small animal practices in King and Pierce County, worked eight years at the Tacoma Emergency Clinic, provided drug testing services for the American Horse Show Association and worked five years at Jones Animal Hospital where she was relief veterinarian for the Point Defiance Zoo.

Getting married in 1992, Dr. Fitzpatrick started a family at 39 years of age. Currently she has two sons, one daughter and a grand-kitten. She will happily fill you in on every aspect of the grand-kitten (Wally). Other four legged residents in the household are a very sweet and over large yellow lab named Louie Underfoot (guess why), an 11-year-old officially licensed “public nuisance” mini-Ausie Bell from (rhythms with Bell ) Don’t be afraid to discuss behavior problems with Dr. Fitzpatrick, she gets them! Besides the grand-kitten, a cross eyed long haired tortoiseshell cat (Dolly) who isn’t known to give affection unless it’s after 3 AM and the heat is off lives with the “two legs”.

Growing up in the area and working at Spanaway Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Fitzpatrick loves the area and the people here. She grew up a military brat, and understands the sacrifices people who serve and served give selflessly on a daily basis. But her favorite part of life is the companion animals (dogs, cats, exotics, pocket pets and everything but tarantulas) she gets to meet and the parent partners these critters bring in. There is never a boring day at Spanaway Vet!