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Dr. Laurel Wright

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Dr. Laurel Wright

Dr. Wright felt an early calling for veterinary medicine, performing "operations" on her stuffed animals and declaring her intent in a fifth grade essay on career choices. She was thrilled to be allowed to volunteer to clean kennels at a local clinic as a teenager, and years later worked as a doctor at that same facility. Decades later, she is grateful to be able to say she still enjoys her career, from getting brand new puppies off to a good start to easing the passing of faithful companions at the end.

Zoology was her undergraduate course of study at Washington State University, followed by earning her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at the same institution in 1986. She graduated with honors and was chosen by her professors to be the recipient of the Small Animal Medicine award for her class. Dr. Wright returned to Tacoma, where she was raised and has family, and joined Spanaway Veterinary Clinic in 1988. She particularly enjoys surgery, and the variety of furry, scaled and feathered friends that find their way to her exam room.

While practicing fulltime, she and her husband Gregg have been raising four children and managing their "farmette", which includes a large garden, poultry, goats and honeybees. Any free time is spent on reading, or church and community activities.