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Dr. Danielle Mechur

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Dr. Danielle Mechur

Dr. Danielle Mechur has loved working with animals from a young age; from walking neighborhood dogs in elementary school to working in several roles at veterinary hospitals for many years during college. Veterinary medicine felt like a natural fit and she ultimately decided to apply to veterinary school, attending Oregon State University. 

Dr. Mechur, her husband, and their daughters moved to Washington after her graduation in 2017 and are enjoying making Washington their home! Dr. Mechur and her family love sharing their lives with a house full of pets. They have a “mutt-ley crew” of dogs that include Bellatrix, a Pomeranian mix, Herschel, a Boston/Pug cross, Luna, a Sheepdog mix, and Major Tom, a pit-bull mix. They also have 2 cats, Juniper and Hunter, and 3 rats (Tripper, Janet and Chrissy). Dr. Mechur and her daughters also enjoy being involved in their county 4-H Dog Project. Dr. Mechur can be found reading or crafting in her free time. 

Dr. Mechur enjoys providing medical care for all kinds of critters. In addition to dogs and cats, she is happy to see small mammals, birds, and reptiles. Her passion is nurturing the bond between people and their pets through preventative care and appropriate intervention of each pet’s unique medical needs. Her professional interests include dermatology and surgery.